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PRO-JECT Verticle "VT-E" Turntables

Finally, a wall mount turntable!



Plug & play audiophile turntable with space-saving vertical design,

wall-mount option and Bluetooth output.

PRO-JECT'S VT-E turntable proves that turntable setup doesn’t have to be rocket science. This great sounding belt-driven deck even comes in two separate versions for both left- and right-handed users. The VT-E can be positioned either free-standing on a table or wall-mounted using the included low-profile metal bracket. Installation is a breeze since everything is pre-adjusted out of the box – tracking and anti-skating force are carefully set so no further set-up needed! Sse both Bluetooth and RCA output at the same time.
The VT-E turntable is available in matte black, red, or white.
The VT-E turntable is available in Right or Left handed configuration


PRO-JECT Turntables

PRO-JECT'S newest offering implements a radical concept that does not compromise sound quality at an entry-level price.  
RPM-1 Carbon utilizes a lot of innovations and enhancements: A low resonance chassis holds a newly designed inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for further reduced rumble. An outboard 15V AC motor is smoothly driven using an ultra-precision AC generator with DC power supply for further enhanced speed stability. A completely new designed S-shaped tonearm tube is made from carbon fiber, aluminum and resin. Using a complex 3-step process with heat treatment and 100bar pressure, arm tube rigidity is strengthened, internal damping is maximized and resonances are reduced to a minimum. This makes the tonearm also suitable for MC cartridges. Additional features are a new magnetic antiskating mechanism and a TPE-damped counterweight. All ingredients add up to a miracle in sound for the price and ultra-stylish look


Now on display at the DTX showroom!

Bowers & Wilkins NEW 800 Diamond Series Speakers

It is my great honor to introduce you to the new 800 Series Diamond! This is the third generation of Diamond, and while it is unmistakably a Bowers & Wilkins design, it has been rethought and improved in every aspect. In fact, from a body style standpoint, it is our first major change since the Nautilus 800 Series launched in 1998 – 17 years ago. You will note most immediately that the familiar yellow Kevlar cone is gone. Indeed, only the Diamond dome, a few capacitors and the binding posts remain from the last generation. 868 changes to be exact!

The new 800 Series Diamond massively elevates loudspeaker performance, even compared to Bowers & Wilkins highly regarded previous efforts. For almost 40 years, generation after generation of the 800 Series from Bowers & Wilkins has set the standard other loudspeaker brands attempt to follow. Now, on the eve of the company’s 50th anniversary, the latest 800 Series Diamond redefines what is possible from a loudspeaker system.

The new 800 Series Diamond is the result of an intensive seven-year project to make the best better. A combination of tireless research and development, advanced engineering, and countless hours of listening by the very best ears in the business have produced a range of loudspeakers that places the listener closer to the recording than ever thought possible. You will hear the improvement from the first note.

The fundamental evolution of the range is such that almost all of the component parts are different from the outgoing 800 Series Diamond. As Bowers & Wilkins Head of Research Martial Rousseau says, “This is not an update. This is a completely re-imagined design. One of the few remaining elements is the Diamond tweeter. We found it impossible to improve on the performance offered by diamond, although behind the diamond dome, the motor system was improved considerably.”

The exceptional Diamond dome may have been retained, but the rest of the loudspeaker has been thoroughly over-hauled to deliver  uncompromising high-fidelity sound that sets a new benchmark for loudspeaker performance…and does so at still affordable prices. Indeed, equalized for inflation (since we avoid interim adjustments) the price increases are actually modest comparing like to like models. The value proposition has never been stronger. The new 805 D3, for instance, at only $500 more per channel is a true “super speaker” exceeding the performance of any other save for the larger D3 models. Listen and you’ll see, as we like to say!

The changes involve a vast number of technological, engineering and acoustic innovations that combine to create a sublime listening experience. Most striking is the transformation of the midrange drive units. A new Continuum cone, developed in-house by Bowers & Wilkins engineers, replaces the Kevlar cones that have long been a major factor of the 800 Series’ famously realistic midrange performance. The Continuum cone takes the best acoustic aspects of Kevlar further, providing a level of clarity that simply must be heard to be appreciated. Bass performance has also been dramatically improved by the introduction of the Aerofoil cone, which considerably reduces distortion thanks to a new variable profile cone geometry and more advanced sandwich construction.
These innovations, when teamed with dramatically improved cabinets, more robust Matrix bracing system, a new solid body tweeter assembly and the vastly improved Turbine head midrange enclosure means distortion has been reduced dramatically in every regard, revealing a level of clarity that seems inconceivable.  

The new industrial design achieves the nearly impossible. It is both a radical departure and, paradoxically, a subtle change that preserves Bowers & Wilkins’ unique design aesthetic; a slender, more modern industrial design that remains true to Bowers & Wilkins long tradition. With distinctive aluminum pods on all models securing and decoupling drivers from the enclosure, and the Turbine head constructed from a single piece of aluminum sitting on a sleek reverse-wrap cabinet on the “headed” models, the luminously finished cabinets are crafted from layers of wood, curved into shape under intense pressure. The new 800 Series inspires thoughts of architectural triumph with its sumptuous, acoustically derived lines. 

Testament to Bowers & Wilkins desire to manufacture consistently class-leading loudspeakers, the entire manufacturing plant in Worthing, West Sussex, UK was redesigned specifically for production of the new 800 Series Diamond – a enormous investment in tooling, materials and processes to ensure that every model produced is a perfect replica of the reference master.  

Throughout the range – from the studio-quality 802 D3 to the more accessible 805 D3 – there is something to suit every audiophile preference. Imagined, designed and produced in the UK, the new 800 Series Diamond range is the pinnacle of acoustic engineering achievement.

DTX is now taking pre-orders on all New 800 Series Diamond Speakers. 

Contact us soon. The order list is growing daily!





The Sigma SSP is a 7.1 channel preamp/processor optimized for stereo but including HDMI switching, multichannel processing and bass management. Its wide variety of input connectors includes asynchronous USB and Ethernet for streaming, augmented by coax and optical; balanced and single-ended analog inputs plus an optional phono stage show how versatile this preamp/processor is despite its compact size. A host of performance-oriented features including digital domain tone/tilt control, and nine-band per channel parametric EQ ensure the best performance with each recording in every room.



The Sigma MONO is the reference design for the proprietary Classé amplifier platform introduced in the Delta series CA-D200 and Sigma AMP2 and AMP5 models. With completely separate chassis for each channel, the monaural amplifier architecture eliminates the possibility of crosstalk between channels and allows speaker cable lengths to be held to a minimum to minimize losses. It efficiently delivers a prodigious 350W into 8Ω and 700W into 4Ω, suitable for the most difficult speaker loads and critical listening applications.



The Sigma 2200i Stereo Integrated Amplifier is designed for music lovers and AV enthusiasts who want high performance control and amplification from a diverse range audio sources. Its connectivity and processing power accommodate the ever increasing array of music and AV sources, allowing them to be accessed and enjoyed without compromise.

MAGNEPAN MG1.7 i Speakers


NEW AND IMPROVED Full-Range Ribbon Speaker from MAGNEPAN!

Announcing the successor to the iconic MG1.6 which was selected as "Best Value in High-End Audio" in the recent Absolute Sound magazine for loudspeakers over $650 per pair. The MG1.7 is a full-range quasi-ribbon loudspeaker that should continue the tradition of awards for Best Value.

The MG 1.7 is a departure from MAGNEPAN's 40 year history of using planar-magnetic for the bass or lower midrange. The use of QUASI-RIBBON technology down into the lower midrange and bass will provide a new level of coherence.

The MG 1.7 also boast a QUASI-RIBBON supertweeter with a wider "sweet spot [taking it] one step closer to the delicacy and detail of MAGNEPAN's true ribbon tweeter.

A new modern styling with wrap-around aluminum trim on the MG 1.7 is also a departure from MAGNEPAN's more conservative cosmetics....

The new MG1.7 is, indeed, all that MAGNEPAN claims it is, setting a new standard in coherence for a QUASI-RIBBON Maggie, reproducing more detail top-to-bottom, improving low-level resolution and large-scale dynamics, and simply sounding more realistic than the already-quite-realistic-sounding 1.6.

Then, the 1.7 became the 1.7i

In past model improvements, driver changes and factory retooling were extensive. It is rare when improvements can be made that are audible in a blind test and do not require a major investment. So, in view of this good fortune, we chose to pass on these small improvements rather than save them for a 1.8.

Will you be able to hear the difference between the 1.7 and 1.7i? Yes, in a careful A-B test, but we don't do sales hype. No, it is not a 1.8. It is simply "trickle-down" ideas that were incorporated in the 3.7i


Now On Display At DTX


Dolby Atmos

In the cinema, at home, and on the go, Dolby Atmos transports you from an ordinary moment into an extraordinary experience with breathtaking, multidimensional sound that flows all around you.

Dolby Atmos: A Revolution in Home Theater

The cinema, with its giant screen and massive sound system, will always be the reference for the ultimate entertainment experience. Dolby Atmos cinema systems have up to 64 independently powered speaker outputs. While home theaters have fewer speakers, Dolby Atmos provides an extremely powerful experience. It continues to convey the full, original artistic intent, far beyond what has previously been possible in home audio reproduction.

Optimal Playback Everywhere

Descriptive metadata accompanies every Dolby Atmos soundtrack. Using this metadata, the rendering block in an A/V receiver (AVR) adapts the soundtrack to the home environment and its specific speaker setup.

Content Delivery

For home theaters, Dolby Atmos will initially be delivered via Blu-ray Disc™ or through streaming video services. All decoding, rendering, and processing is managed by the Dolby Atmos enabled AVR. Dolby Atmos content plays through standard Blu-ray™ players and streaming media players connected to the AVR via HDMI® and with the bitstream output function engaged. As with the cinema, Dolby Atmos content for the home enables compatible playback through conventional 5.1- and 7.1-channel systems.

Your Dolby Atmos Home Theater Setup

Dolby Atmos combines traditional home theater speaker layouts with additional speaker positions. These include either on-ceiling speakers or new Dolby Atmos enabled speakers designed to reproduce the "OVERHEAD HEIGHT LAYER" of objects and sound.

The good news: if you already have a 5.1, 7.1, or greater surround sound system, you'll most likely be able to build on it. 


Come visit the EXPERTS at DTX to see how we can properly bring Dolby Atmos to your home theater!


A truly theatrical experience! Whether on disc or as a digital download from the Kaleidescape Store, Kaleidescape brings together all your movies in a visually stunning library making it beautifully simple to access and enjoy movies that truly matter to you.


Now on display at the DTX showroom!